Our Health is a Reflection of our Lifestyle

Evolution has given humans some amazing abilities. Our bodies are machines that function on a copious array of internal feedback systems. They can adapt to almost any environment and still manage to survive.

Unfortunately, these abilities can become a burden in today’s modern world, where food is readily available, light is mostly artificial, we have remote car starters in winter, and the “hard times” are mostly behind us.

Most doctors do VERY LITTLE to address the underlying cause of your health issues, or even guide you in the right direction. Difficulty losing weight, digestive problems, fatigue/lethargy, diminishing moods, anxiety, insulin resistance, thyroid problems, and micronutrient deficiencies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to internal imbalances. And these imbalances are rarely addressed head-on.

What We Do

I’m your coach, Kirianna. As a certified health coach, personal trainer, and nutritional therapist, I have developed EVLV fit as a health-betterment program. My coaching pairs YOUR concerns and goals with the latest scientific practices.

I am here to help you cut through the overwhelming bombardment of misinformation in the health and fitness industry, and get REAL answers.

Real answers will give you REAL results. Long term. 

As a coach I follow clients with care. I truly listen to your problems and use that information (along with my experience and knowledge) to help you find answers.

I hold you accountable while taking the guess-work out of your health. I work with you closely so you don’t have to do it alone.

I find answers for YOUR body, and methods that will work best for you. 

The concept of the EVLV fit nutritional therapy and fitness improvement program starts with the underlying belief that any health problem or physical goals can be immensely improved with diet and lifestyle.

Evidence-based lifestyle changes are the first line of defense in addressing any health or physique issues. Not prescription medication or expensive, useless supplements to cover up the underlying problems that are holding you back.

Improving your health starts from the INSIDE out- and I am here to help you achieve that. 

So No Cookie Cutter Plans Here

EVLV fit is here to work with YOU.

As a premium health coach, I provide individualized meal plans or macro plans as well as comprehensive training programs for your specific goals. Everything is based on relevant, research-proven nutrition, treatment, training, & supplement science. 

I specialize in women’s health, fitness + stress management. I work with beginners in fitness all the way up to fitness competitors.

I have experience and knowledge in order to work with females who:

  • Have tried multiple diets and haven’t been able to stick to them
  • Are looking for a sustainable, long-term fat loss solution
  • Want to educate themselves on evidence-based guidance on nutrition, training, and health
  • Want to take their health seriously, and want a coach to hold them accountable
  • Desire to cut through the health-industry marketing and learn what they REALLY need to do to lose fat and gain their ideal physique
  • Want to stop wasting their money on unnecessary pills, powders, and supplements that won’t actually help long-term
  • Have the desire to compete in a fitness event or competition, the smart way 

I help women put themselves first and take control of their health, digestion, and physique, without fad diets, food restrictions, or crazy supplements. 

Whatever your goal may be, EVLV fit is here for YOU with a comprehensive treatment and coaching plan.  

Client Testimonials

Allison Yu, 30

“I came to Kirianna in order to lose some body fat for my wedding, and adapt a healthier mindset around eating and nutrition. I was getting dizzy spells during my workouts.

Before I started, I was worried about being hungry all the time (hangry) and having to potentially cut all my favorite foods, not having a social life, and in general feeling like I could live up to ‘expectations’. I was also worried about handling the dizzy spells I got during workouts.

She hit me with the facts, put things in perspective, took things slow so that I could acclimate to lifestyle changes, and she is a GREAT listener and super in tune/empathetic to what badass women go through!

In my time with Kirianna so far, I’ve lost body fat/weight, and inches off my waist. I have increased my weekly workout frequency without feeling swamped or not enjoying it. I built a habit for cooking more frequently and meal planning, and tried even became a better cook! Two other big things, too, is that I no longer get dizzy spells and my skin has greatly improved!

I always sing Kirianna’s praises to my friends/family and tell them that I really lucked out in having the chance to work with her. She’s totally authentic on social and I appreciate that she truly just wants to help others!! I love that is so in tune and responds to the smallest details on my check-ins, it makes me feel heard and I really appreciate the time she invests in each of her clients

To elaborate a bit more on my personal experience in the last 4-5 months, in moments when I felt a little bit of doubt or disappointment, Kirianna was great at putting things in perspective (ex when I asked about plateau-ing or “only” losing 0.5lbs in a week, she broadened my view on the longer term vision while still keeping it real). Also the way she helped me navigate through a gajillion weddings/work trips was awesome and something I never thought was doable before starting this journey. Those little things really help propel me to keep going, and when I look back I’m truly amazed at what I was able to accomplish. Can’t wait to keep this momentum going!! :)”

Shannon Beck, 45

I came to Kirianna with EVLV fit to lose body fat and gain strength.

Before I started with Kirianna, I was worried that she would expect me to be able to jump right in and do really hard stuff like burpees, and give up all my favourite foods like beer and cheese.

Throughout my journey with Kirianna, she picked exercises that fit my stamina and ability, and if I found I couldn’t do something, she modified it until I could. She taught me that planning out my meals wasn’t supposed to be difficult, and food can still be enjoyable even when you want to lose fat.

So far I’ve dropped from a size 22 to a 14; while increasing muscle mass and losing body fat. I completed my goal of finishing a WildPlay course, increased my stamina, have better sleep, and have healthier eating habits and lifestyle!


J Esler, 41

“Before I started with Kirianna, I thought that it wasn’t realistic to live a regular lifestyle and achieve my fitness goals. MY goal was to maintain an aesthetically great body at 7-8% body fat. To put on muscle without doing a “bulking” diet.

But once I started learning and working with Kirianna, I learned that proper nutrition plans don’t have to be extremely strict and you don’t have to eat just chicken, fish and rice.

When it is done properly, it does not feel like a diet and the results are very possible to achieve even with a busy lifestyle and a family.

I am very thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kirianna to help me achieve my goals. She is truly genuine in helping her clients achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in living a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU!”

Sarah M Smith, 36

“Kirianna at EVLV fit is amazing- she truly cared about my progress, nutritional habits, mental state, and most importantly my HEALTH in general. Working with her has taught me so much about overcoming my IBS and estrogen dominance.

So far I have managed to lose 10 stubborn pounds while EATING MORE and being more flexible with my diet than ever before.

[She] has helped me accomplish the confidence I have always wanted in the gym, as well as confidence in my body. This is truly a lifestyle change and her expertise has helped end my constant bloating and stomach pains! I can’t wait to see what our continued work together will uncover!”

If you would like to join the EVLV fit family and gain control of your health once and for all, please fill out the application form below.

Perfection is a constant transformation– it’s an evolution of improvement. To “evolve”  is to gradually develop over time- to become the best version of yourself you can be. It is to not “settle”, because progress never stops.