Simple Sweet Potato Muffins

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I think sweet potato was meant to heal the cracks in my soul. Well, that and peanut butter (let’s be real, PB is the OG for most people).

We may not think of sweet potato as a good alternative to butter/flour in a muffin recipe but it totally works. These muffins are slightly sweet, with a moist, perfectly-dense texture that will make it hard to eat just 1 in a sitting (seriously- hide them from yourself- meal plan-ers get to eat 2 at once! ).

With the option to use a gluten-free oat flour, these muffins are sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, guilt-free, and seriously GOOD. My only piece of advice? TRY THEM NOW. 

And with only 99 calories per muffin, what’s not to love about these quick, tasty, sugar-free treats? 1.7F/14C/6.3P – all you need is a blender or magic bullet (well… and an oven)!

(To cook the sweet potato beforehand, I always just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes, until soft, and peel them after they’ve been cooked.) 



For those on a meal plan with EVLV fit, two (yeah, 2!!!) muffins is only 1 serving of “any” carbs + 1 serving of lean proteins for your day!

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