NEW YEAR, NEW MINDSET- this masterclass is a 10-week program designed to fast-track your health goals, navigate your health and physique issues, and give you the nutritional confidence to change your life for the better!






This masterclass is designed to help you understand your unique body, give you food confidence, help you navigate the world of nutrition, and OPTIMIZE YOUR INTERNAL HEALTH- the way your body functions. All while building a customized plan to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your metabolism, and change your lifestyle for the BETTER, without any crash diets or unrealistic lifestyle changes that you can’t maintain.


This 10-week program consists of 10 different modules, weekly challenges, and lots of education!

If you want to change your life, your hormones, and your HEALTH long-term, then this masterclass is for YOU!

This masterclass if for YOU if:

  • You’re frustrated with the health industry and you want to navigate your own way
  • You want to better your health but don’t know where to start
  • You want to reach your health and fitness goals in the most optimal way possible
  • You want the confidence to make your own decisions and act on them
  • You’re eager to put the time in to learn
  • You want someone to hold you accountable with weekly lessons
  • You want to educate yourself instead of relying on other people, Instagram/facebook, or money-centered health companies.

“I am incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity. You came along at just the right time in my journey when I was floundering a bit. You taught me so many things that I didn’t know both nutritionally and in the gym. I gained a confidence in the gym to use equipment that intimidates me a bit, and I learned that by being organized at home with my meals, I can still include treat nights with my kids! .. I have a ways to go before I achieve all of my weight and fat loss goals, but this has been such a good jumpstart for me! I was able to incorporate the things I learned into my busy life as a mom of teenage girls. I incorporated this lifestyle change into my camping trips and my vacations, into my “real life”! Not only did I lose weight and inches, but I learned how to really make this a lifestyle change The time is there, I just needed to learn how to use it more productively!

I’m stronger • I’ve lost weight and inches • I learned how to properly engage my core • I’ve learned that high protein doesn’t have to be high fat, there are lean protein options • I have a better relationship with veggies • I’ve learned to plan my day better as far as nutrition goes, not just track at the end of the day and then be upset when I’ve gone over!”   – A.M.

The 10-week masterclass includes:

  • Meal and nutrition guide
  • Guide to create your customized Gut health protocol
  • Weekly learning videos and modules to learn from
  • Weekly homework to do on your own time
  • Worksheets, grocery lists, health-focused recipes for every imbalance, and PDF handouts to keep and reference
  • Bi-weekly video calls to ask questions and chat about what you’ve learned
  • The tools to navigate your OWN health journey by:
    • Building your own specific goals and steps of action
    • Identifying where you can make changes in your lifestyle without giving anything up
    • Creating your very own diet, supplement, fat loss, training, and/or gut health protocol
    • Educating you on navigating the nutrition and health industry with ease
    • Identifying any underlying issues or deficiencies you may have
    • Managing emotional eating and eating out with friends/family
    • Understanding the science of nutrition/health and how to navigate your own
  • Incentives and rewards for weekly homework

DON’T MISS OUT! we are closing the doors on this December 28th to ensure we can get everyone ready to start January 3rd!



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