Evolution has given humans some amazing abilities. Our bodies are machines that function on a copious array of internal feedback systems. They can adapt to almost any environment and still manage to survive.

Unfortunately, these abilities can become a burden in today’s modern world, where food is readily available, light is mostly artificial, we have remote car starters, and the “hard times” are mostly behind us. 

These adaptations from years ago can cause problems in today’s modern world, causing many women to not feeling their best. 

This can be in the form of physiological imbalances and sickness, like:

  • hormonal imbalances,
  • trouble sleeping,
  • weight gain and trouble losing weight,
  • slow metabolism,
  • low energy,
  • hair loss,
  • Diabetes,
  • anxiety, and/or
  • digestive issues like IBS, heartburn, Crohn’s, or IDB (to name a few) 

You’ve been on more than one “diet” or “program” that’s supposed to help you lose with, haven’t you?

Keto, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, lemon juice, overpriced “shake” packets that your best friend convinces you to buy from her. 

And whatever you’ve been on, it’s worked when you stuck to the diet or regime, right?

The problem is, fad diets and restrictive eating programs are NOT MAINTAINABLE, and as soon as you go back to your normal eating patterns, you gain all your weight back (and more), get all your health problems and issues back (and sometimes worse), and overall feel terrible that you can’t stick to a diet long-term. 

The “health industry” is more worried about you spending money than actually achieve lasting results.

It’s time for you to take control your life, your health, and your diet. And finally achieve food FREEDOM for life. 

EVLV fit is a comprehensive program which works closely with its clients. Here, we truly listen to your problems and concerns and use that information to help you find answers.

We cut through all the marketing and misinformation in the “health” industry to give you real, evidence-based approaches to your physique goals. These approaches aren’t a detox or fad diet. They’re science-based practices that are customized for YOU, that you will be able to maintain for LIFE, not just the next 30 days. 

We work with you closely so you don’t have to do it alone. We hold you accountable while taking the guess-work out of your nutrition and health. 

We teach you how to make healthy eating a LIFESTYLE, so you can still eat cake and lose weight.


coaching and nutrition training EVLV fit science-based
Black bean chocolate cake healthy weight loss meal plan

The concept of the EVLV fit nutritional therapy and/or training program starts with the underlying belief that any health problem or physical goals can be drastically improved with evidence-based diet and lifestyle. 

EVLV fit is a comprehensive nutrition + training program, designed specifically for women who have the goals to learn how to gain control of her health, metabolism, and body, LONG TERM, without fad diets.

"My major IBS and estrogen-dominance would literally keep me from leaving the house some days, let alone go out to dinner with friends and family or hang out at the beach. Kirianna's coaching program taught me how to CARE for myself, and choose the right food and supplement options to help me level out my hormones and FINALLY lose weight. She takes SO much care in her clients, and wants nothing but to see them succeed. I'm the most impressed with her thoroughness in replying to updates- it's usually a voice memo AND an essay reply- every week! Can't say enough good things about her. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"
Sherrie B.
39, Marketing Director/Mom of 3


Interested in nutritional guidance or a training program? EVLV fit’s coaching team is here to help. We are evidence-based when it comes to coaching, training, and nutrition- so you know you’re getting the most relevant techniques and information possible- no BS or “miracle” fad diets.

So no cookie-cutter plans here. EVLV fit is here to work with YOU. We provide individualized meal plans or macro plans for your specific goals based on relevant, research-based nutrition, treatment, & supplement information. 

For those who wish to reach their physique and/or performance goals with the most recent, research-based programs and individualized plans with weekly check-ins.

Our ongoing nutrition and/or training coaching will help teach you techniques to track, log, and change your diet so that you’re able to flexibly live your life while still reaching your goals. Adjustments will be made as needed on a weekly check-in basis.

“ I began working with EVLV fit because I wanted to gain strength and lose body fat. Before working with Kirianna, I was worried she would expect me to be able to ‘jump right in’ and do really hard stuff like burpees, but she picked exercises that fit my stamina and ability in our workouts. If I found I couldn’t do something, she modified until I could. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14! I’ve increased my muscle while losing body fat, and I now have way higher stamina and better quality sleep. I have learned healthier eating habits and a maintainable lifestyle. She routinely slathers me with encouragement. There’s not a single thing I want her to start doing differently. THANK YOU KIRIANNA!! YOU ROCK!!”

Shannon Beck
44, Teacher


Severe dieting or yoyo dieting can have detrimental effects on our metabolism, making it virtually impossible to lose more weight. Eating extremely low calories or over-exercising for your caloric intake will cause the metabolism to adapt to the “starvation” it is experiencing. This can lead to binge eating and easily-stored body fat that is hard to get off.

Our programs are specifically designed to help restore your metabolic processes through slow reverse-dieting techniques, as well as providing strategies to reduce binge-eating cycles and guilt associated with food.

Stabilizing hormonal disorders and digestive, sleeping, and stress problems through proper nutrition/training  + supplementation is KEY to changing your mindset about “health”.

Increase your good calories, energy, confidence, and mood by restoring your metabolism to its peak performance.


Weight loss

Competition prep (bikini only)

Metabolic restoration

Body recomp + Muscle growth

Digestive support

Hormonal balancing

Illness/nutrient deficiency Prevention

“I started with coaching because I wanted to lose weight, and most importantly to feel comfortable in my body. Before working with Kirianna, I was self-conscious and concerned with sharing information about my weight with someone. But Kirianna was so encouraging and easy to talk to, she made sharing all that information so easy. She didn’t make me feel self-conscious at all, and I feel motivated to achieve my goals because of it. I love Kirianna’s encouragement, and her thorough and prompt communication back with me. Her constant reminders of what successes I’ve had are greatly appreciated, especially in those weeks where I didn’t feel I had done very well. Halfway through my program, my mood, sleep, and energy levels have drastically improved. My memory has improved since following your nutrition plans, and my mood hasn’t been this good in a long time! On top of all that, I’ve lost weight too! Thank you, Kirianna, for putting up with me, I’ve really appreciated your support through everything so far!”
Chelsey Wood
28, Registered Veterinary Technologist

Coaching Credentials:

Bachelor of Science (H)- Applied Biology;  Mn. Nutritional Sciences

ACE- certified Personal Trainer;   Specialized in Fitness Nutrition, Sports Nutrition

ACE Certified Health Coaching

OTA Certified Online Trainer

HSA Certified Nutritional Therapist