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The SKINNY on Sugar

If I had a nickel for every time a client told me that “sugar makes you fat” I’d probably be on my way to affording my very own candy shop. Anyone who hasn’t done their research on the components of sugar and human physiology would agree: If you want to lose weight, cut the sweet stuff out of your diet first and poof! The pounds will melt off....

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How to Survive any Holiday

Any Holiday can be stressful. The impending dread of endless treats. The uncontrollable noshing on high-calorie baked goods that we just KNOW won't fit into our normal calorie budgets. Don't sweat the food part of the holidays with 8 helpful tips to keep your waistline trim and your trainer happy...

Is Organic Food BETTER for you?

Organic food has become a fast-growing trend in the past 5 to 10 years. Toting higher nutrients, better production conditions, and cancer-curing healthfulness among other things, consumers (like you and I) are willing to pay up to 50% more for organic produce than non-organic. But which claims are truly proven by research?

5 things to look for in an Online Coach

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their dog is providing some sort of online coaching, training, or nutritional guidance - for the right price of course. In such a saturated health and fitness industry, GOOD COACHES can be hard to differentiate from the BAD ones....

Is PROTEIN really Muscle-Building Magic?

PROTEIN. It's the answer to all things bodybuilding, and maybe life in general for those living the "Bro way". But how do us mere mortals know how much protein we need to take in every day? And why is protein such an important aspect of getting that optimum, muscular physique?

What to Look for on Food Nutrition Labels

Being conscious of what you’re digging into will allow you to make more informed decisions of what (and how much) you’re consuming. Here's a little bit of information on what to look at/for when you're reading those obscure numbers on the nutrition labels of your foods...

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The Importance of FIBER in your Diet

Ever been.. ahem.. "plugged up" and taken a fiber supplement like Metamucil or bran to help get things moving again? Ever binged on an excessive amount of your favorite fruits in the summer and "paid for it" later? We've all been there...

Top Nutrition Tracking Apps for 2017

Writing down every food we consume is tedious and time-consuming and, let's face it, so last decade. There are plenty of calorie-tracking apps you can download on your phone that take the grunt work out of tracking. Here are 5 I think are best for tracking your macros or caloric intake...